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Vol 5 - Num 02 - February 2016
Contact us to schedule training! Configuration Management Best Practices Training Program Introduction: Based upon industry standards and frameworks this course introduces the technology professional to all of the principles, concepts and hands-on best practices necessary to establish a comprehensive configuration and release management functions. Discussing both CM as it is practiced in product companies and IT organizations, Bob Aiello and Leslie Sachs provide expert guidance on establishing configuration management best practices. Configuration Management Concepts * Configuration Identification * Status Accounting * Change Control * Configuration Auditing (physical and functional)   Source Code Management * Baselines * Sandboxes and Workspaces * Variant...Read More >>
Building Software to Deploy
Building Software to Deploy The recent swarm of high profile software glitches may lead one to believe that software and systems are so complex today that a few outages here and there is just inevitable. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many fields were software must conform to safety standards and have zero tolerance for error. For example, software in helping to run a nuclear power plan or a missile defense system must never "glitch". Deming pointed out that quality must be built in from the beginning. Relying upon testing to uncover defects is just not a...Read More >>
Israeli Tech Firms
Bob Aiello visits technology firms from time to time to discuss configuration management and DevOps best practices. The next trip to Israel (e.g. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem) will focus on DevOps and Cybersecurity and will be in the September/October 2016 timeframe.  If you are interested in meetting to discuss CM, DevOps & Cybersecurity best practices, then please send an email to bob.aiello@ieee.org NEW!!! - let us know if you would like to participate in our new audio and video interviews on technology and innovation! Bob http://www.linkedin.com/in/BobAiello                        ...Read More >>
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