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Vol 5 - Num 11 - November 2016
DevOps and the Segregation of Duties
DevOps and Segregation of Duties By Bob Aiello and updated Thursday November 10th, 2016 read the full article on the Agile ALM DevOps Journal website Editor’s note – this article was originally written in response to a July 31, 2016 InfoQ article, DevOps Survival in the Highly Regulated Financial Industry, written by my esteemed colleague, Manuel Pais. Many people read the original article and came to the wrong conclusion that there is no legal requirement for a segregation of duties. I wrote my response to this article and contacted Mr. Manuel Pais, asking him to comment....Read More >>
Agile ALM DevOps book
Order your copy today! Agile Application Lifecycle Management: Using DevOps to Drive Process Improvement Available on Safari Available on InformIT use discount code AGILE35 for 35% discount Also available on Amazon   Book Description Integrate Agile ALM and DevOps to Build Better Software and Systems at Lower Cost Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a comprehensive development lifecycle that encompasses essential Agile principles and guides all activities needed to deliver successful software or other customized IT products and services. Flexible and robust, Agile ALM offers “just enough process” to get the job done efficiently and utilizes the DevOps focus on...Read More >>
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