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We are always looking for sharp technology pros to join our consulting practice. Some of the skills that we are constantly looking for are: source code management using ClearCase/Multisite, Rational Team Concert(RTC), Git, Subversion, Accurev and many others build engineering using Ant, Maven, GNU Make and MS Build deployment frameworks including Puppet, Chef and of course commercial tools release engineering and deployment (Devops) change management configuration control using ITIL practices including CMDB/CMS process improvement including software methodologies such as Agile/Iterative Waterfall All of our positions are hands-on and technical. Send your resume to Leslie Sachs (cmbestpractices@gmail.com) or link on linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/in/LeslieSachs                
The FEB 9TH Webinar. ACHIEVE AGILE PROCESS MATURITY THROUGH DEPLOYMENT AUTOMATION will be available on-demand. Please contact us for more information Join Bob Aiello and Leslie Sachs, authors of CM Best Practices: Practical Methods that Work in the Real World, for a Webinar describing exactly how to achieve success through deployment automation while also meeting essential regulatory and audit requirements. This Webinar will also cover how to use deployment automation to support Agile in both small and larger organizations, helping you to achieve Agile Process Maturity. Join us for an interactive webinar: Originally Aired - Feb 9th, 12pm (EST) - Click here to register Featuring: Andrew Philips, VP of Product Management at XebiaLabs who will describe a method of deployment automation, Deployit, by XebiaLabs, that is quickly being adopted by the banking, retail and airline industries. Webinar Title: Achieve Agile Process Maturity Through Deployment Automation Agile development practices have helped many organizations achieve faster deployment times and increased overall operational efficiencies by improving both productivity and quality. However, Agile development also comes with its own set of risks and challenges that can impact your business and your project's success. This webinar will focus on how to script and automate error-prone manual procedures that can lead to costly mistakes and wasted effort and possibly even derail your project The good news is that there are configuration management best practices that you can use to streamline build, package and deployment procedures achieving enhanced speed, productivity and quality.   Deployit, a leading application release automation tool that enables accelerated delivery of applications to middleware and cloud environments.  Deployit is unique because it is based on a patented algorithm that automatically calculates changes to environment components and precisely deploys application files to middleware and cloud environments, in minutes. By automating error-prone, scripting and configuration processes, Deployit increases speed, accuracy and productivity for application delivery teams. Deployit offers robust cross platform reporting, role-based security and an Industry leading User Interface. Whether you are a release engineer, Devops or the developer in charge of deployments, Deployit can help you accelerate and improve productivity while maximizing quality! Cool Product features include: A completely automatic approach to scripting and configurations, robust reporting feature, rich user interface and plugin integrations with all major build tools, middleware environments and cloud environments.  

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Bank Systems Failure Keeps Man in Jail Many customers have been impacted by a recent rash of bank failures. But few have been more inconvenienced than a man held by the Canterbury Court in Kent who had posted bail which could not be confirmed by the court due to a computer glitch in a banking system run by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Consequently, the man was stuck in prison over the weekend until the Bank's computer system was updated to show that payment had been made. The outage was the result of a software change that impacted millions of accounts, with at least one report suggesting that the systems problems were related to the bank offshoring their systems support to India. The offshoring effort had resulted in replacing systems experts with less expensive offshore resources. Judges are becoming aware of these problems as there was a related case in London in which the court released the man after ascertaining that the banking systems were not working correctly. RBS banking systems had a number of outages which resulted in the bank having to pay £ 125m in compensation to customers who were impacted by the computer glitches. Despite the payments, thousands of RBS customers left the bank and took their money with them. Banking systems are required to implement configuration and change management controls intended to minimize risk, which apparently did not successfully help RBS avoid service disruptions.  Banks might want to rethink how they handle Enterprise Change Management or continue to pay out their profits to angry customers.
Based upon industry standards and frameworks this course introduces the technology professional to all of the principles,concepts and hands-on best practices necessary to establish comprehensive configuration and release management functions. Discussing both CM as it is practiced in product companies and IT organizations; Bob Aiello and Leslie Sachs provide expert guidance on establishing configuration management best practices.   Configuration Management Live Virtual Training -  March 12 & 13th 2013!! Join us for a 2-day Configuration Management Best Practices live virtual training March 12th & 13th - 1pm to 4pm ET Instructor: Bob Aiello   Implement effective source code management practices including multiple variants Automate application build, package and deployment Establish effective IT controls that can support IT governance and compliance Utilize industry standards (e.g. IEEE, ISO, EIA) and frameworks (e.g. Cobit, ITIL) to establish best practices Create a configuration management function that continuously grows and improves Registration Link Daily Schedule Day 1: 1:00pm-4:00pm ET/10:00am-1:00pm PT Day 2: 1:00pm-4:00pm ET/10:00am-1:00pm PT Configuration Management Concepts Configuration identification Status accounting Change control Configuration auditing (physical and functional) Source Code Management Baselines Sandboxes and workspaces Variant management Handling bugfixes Streams Merging Changesets Build Engineering Versions IDs and branding executables Automating the build Build tools to choose from including Ant, Maven, Make and MS Build Role of the build engineer Continuous integration Environment Configuration Supporting code promotion Implementing tokens Practical use of CMDBs Managing environments Change Control Types of change control Rightsizing the change control process The 29 minute change control meeting Driving the process through change control Release Management Packaging the release Ergonomics of release management RM as coordination Driving the RM process Deployment Staging the release Deployment frameworks Traceability Architecting Your Application for CM CM-driven development How CM facilitates good development Build engineering as a service Hardware CM Managing hardware configuration items Hybrid hardware/software CM Process Engineering (Rightsizing) Agile/waterfall Hybrid approaches Agile process maturity Establishing IT Governance Establishing IT governance Transparency Improving the process What You Need to Know About Compliance Common compliance requirements Establishing IT controls Standards and Frameworks What you need to know about standards and frameworks CM Assessments Evaluating the existing CM practices Documenting “as-is” and “to-be” Writing your CM best practices implementation plan Virtual Package Includes: · Easy course access: You attend training right from your computer, and communication is handled by a phone conference bridge utilizing Cisco’s WebEx technology. That means you can access your training course quickly and easily and participate freely. · Live, expert instruction: See and hear your instructor presenting the course materials and answering your questions in real-time. · Valuable course materials: Our live-virtual training uses the same valuable course materials as our classroom training. Students will have direct access to the course materials. · Hands-on exercises: An essential component to any learning experience is applying what you have learned. Using the latest technology, your instructor can provide students with hands-on exercises, group activities, and breakout sessions. · Real-time communication: Communicate real-time directly with the instructor. Ask questions, provide comments, and participate in the class discussions. · Peer interaction: Networking with peers has always been a valuable part of any classroom training. Live-virtual training gives you the opportunity to interact with and learn from the other attendees during breakout sessions, course lecture, and Q&A. · Convenient schedule: Course instruction is divided into modules no longer than three hours per day. This schedule makes it easy for you to get the training you need without taking days out of the office and setting aside projects. · Small class size: Live-virtual courses are limited to the same small class sizes as our instructor-led training. This provides you with the opportunity for personal interaction with the instructor.    

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