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Hi, this is the website to support my book on Configuration Management Best Practices. We also provide consulting services to help you implement all of the CM Best Practices described in our book. CM Best Practices Book

Writing any technology book is very challenging because the landscape changes even before the book is off the printer. This website will help elaborate on the key concepts in the book. I hope to hear from you soon!

You can also contact me directly to discuss how our consulting services can help you implement Configuration Management Best Practices or if you would like to join our network of tools and process agnostic CM gurus.

Writing for me is a team sport, so please link with me on linkedin and do drop me a line (again my email address is posted on linkedin) to let me know what you liked most about my book and where I can improve to help you successfully implement Configuration Management Best Practices!

I am glad to make arrangements to give you a signed copy from my own supply at a cost of $30 a book plus postage. I am also available for training and consulting services (more on that soon).

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Bob Aiello

Title: Configuration Management Best Practices: Practical Methods that Work in the Real World
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-68586-5
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-68586-5

Available now in print and ebook on InformIT:

Shipping now from Amazon!

As always, writing for me is a team sport so I am looking forward to your feedback. Please link with me onhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/BobAiello

CM Best Practices on Twitter
Our twitter accounts are https://www.twitter.com/cmbestpractices

My personal twitter https://www.twitter.com/bobaiello

Originally available in pre-published form on Safari Rough Cuts http://www.informit.com/store/product.aspx?isbn=9780321699992



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Join us at the Agile Development Conference for IT Governance and Compliance in an Agile World Date: Wednesday November 07, 2012 2:15pm Presenter: Bob Aiello, CM Best Practices Consulting Description: Establishing IT governance and compliance practices is essential for organizations that have regulatory or audit requirements. The good news is that you can be agile and still comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, CFR 21, HIPAA, and other regulatory imperatives. Done well, IT controls actually help you improve both productivity and quality. Bob Aiello describes how to implement IT controls in frameworks such as ISACA, Cobit, and ITIL v3 that many regulatory frameworks require—while maintaining agile practices. Bob’s guidance includes specific examples of establishing IT controls: separation of duties, work-item to change-set traceability, physical and functional configuration audits, and more. Bob explains how these practices help government, defense-related, and other critical mission corporations scale agile practices where audit and regulatory compliance is a must. In fact, Bob attests to the fact that a disciplined approach to agile can improve the productivity and quality of most all agile development efforts. Also, please join us the day before for Configuration Management Best Practices training    
Join us at the Better Software Conference for Configuration Management Best Practices training Date: Monday, June 2nd, 2013 8:30 AM Presented by  Bob Aiello, CM Best Practices Consulting Description Robust configuration management (CM) practices are essential for creating continuous builds to support agile’s integration and testing demands, and for rapidly packaging, releasing, and deploying applications into production use. Classic CM—consisting of identifying system components, controlling changes, reporting the system’s configuration, and auditing—won’t do the trick anymore. Bob Aiello presents an in-depth tour of a more robust and powerful approach to CM consisting of six key functions: source code management, build engineering, environment management, change management and control, release management, and deployment. Bob describes current and emerging CM trends—support for agile development, cloud computing, and mobile apps development—and reviews the industry standards and frameworks that are essential in CM today. Take back an integrated approach to establish proper IT governance and compliance using the latest CM practices while offering development teams the most effective CM practices available today.      
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